Book Cover

London Notebook

London Notebook is an all-new collection of poems by prolific Wellington poet, Mark Pirie. Following hot on the heels of his Selected Early Poems from ESAW, Giving Poetry a Bad Name, this new book presents a witty artist's sketchbook of his time in the UK from March-April 2005 when he attended the London Book Fair and various poetry readings around London.

Leading poet and editor Michael Harlow writes of Pirie's new collection: "Briefs and letter-poems and post-card snaps, and the occasional apercu--like a passing messenger-bird snatched from the air-- comprise an album of observations and reflections that remind us how it is travel can sometimes return you to yourself. And in ways that keep the reader alert to more than just field-notes and diary jottings. Pirie at the top of his form, can be sharp-witted, tender, sometimes even loitering with the best kind of intent at the very edge of the ordinary. When he's on his 'mark', as it were, he can open up and extend the everyday in ways that matter beyond the brief encounter and the passing glance."

"London Notebook is a new take on the travel diary with impressions of the old world seen through fresh eyes." - Liz Smith, The Wellingtonian